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Foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit for the benefit of all students.

Seven Sacred Teachings

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As a school we are focusing on the use of the Seven Sacred Teachings, also known as the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers as a set of teachings on healthy human conduct towards others.

These teachings were traditionally used and still to this day are needed in order for communities to grow in a healthy way allow for success for all.

These teachings are intended to facilitate conversation and provide strategies on how to best support all students with a continuous focus on positive character attributes that emphasize high standards, and respect and safety. Allowing the classrooms to be a place where students are ready to learn and teachers are able to teach.



To cherish knowledge is to know WISDOM;

To know LOVE is to know peace;

To honor all of the Creation is to have RESPECT;

BRAVERY is to face the foe with integrity;

HONESTY also means “righteousness”, be honest first with yourself – in word and action;

HUMILITY is to know yourself as a sacred part of the Creation,

TRUTH is to know all of these things.



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Wisdom is the ability to make decisions based on personal knowledge and experience.

The building of a community is entirely dependent on gifts given to each member by the creator and how these gifts are used. 

The Beaver teaches us WISDOM.

The Beaver's example of using his sharp teeth for cutting trees and branches to build his dams and lodges expresses this teaching. 

If he did not use his teeth, the teeth would continue to grow until they became useless, ultimately making it impossible for him to sustain himself. 

The same can be said for human beings. 

One's spirit will grow weak if it is not fulfilling its use. When used properly however, these gifts contribute to the development of a peaceful and healthy community.

We will be exploring how we can use our strengths to find our purpose and contribute to the community in a positive way.