School Council

Our School Council is a collective association of volunteer representatives, including parents, teachers, principals, staff, community members and others, who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning. For more information about School Councils in Alberta, visit the Alberta School Councils’ Association website.

Get Involved

Joining a School Council is one way members of the school community can get involved. Our council plays an important role in our school by providing advice and assistance to school principals and Trustees regarding educational issues. Involvement on these councils includes:

  • Focusing on educational matters

  • Providing input on topics such as program planning, school budgets, and school operations

  • Serving as a liaison between parents, the school and community groups

  • Locating resources such as speakers and volunteers

  • Gathering information and sharing experiences

  • Supporting the goals and objectives of the school 

Please contact the school directly to learn more about how you can join our school council.